LIFE STYLE, Inc. a Google trusted agency, have announced that they will be providing a free 360° VR contents shoot for those in the Tokyo Metropolitan who wish to promote the “Tokyo Brand” by showcasing the attractions and diversity of Tokyo through the medium of photography and film.


↓↓Google Street View can be utilised indoors to introduce various establishments such as businesses, institutions and restaurants.


【More than just a virtual CGI world created inside a computer, the experience provided is like reality. The best camera technology is used to capture and create contents that surpass the conventional photography and video experience】

From Tuesday 13th September 2016 LIFESTYLE will be providing the following professional VR photography and video services for free; Google Street View, Flic360 Photo and Flic360 Video. Take advantage of the【VR&TOKYO Campaign】and the newest VR technology to promote Tokyo and allow the world to experience the glamour of the city anywhere at any time as if it were reality.


【VR&TOKYO Campaign Information】



*The following 360° photography and video services are free

・Google Street View
・Flic360 Photo (360°photography service)
・Flic360 Video (360° video service)


*Terms and conditions

・LIFESTYLE, Inc. will make the final decision on which projects are eligible for the current campaign
・LIFESTYLE, Inc. will make the final decision on what constitutes the ‘appeal of Tokyo’
・LIFESTYLE, Inc. will make the final decision on what constitutes ‘promotion of Tokyo’
・LIFESTYLE, Inc. have artistic control of the project
・The shoot must take place in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area


*Time Period

13/09/2016 – 31/12/2016


LIFESTYLE are currently one of the top 5 Google trusted agencies out of more than 3000 agencies worldwide. The company had initial success providing high quality 360° Google Street View contents which led to rapid expansion. Now LIFESTYLE has a large network of clients and partners across Japan and are striving to provide digital communication to consumers throughout Japan and the world.


【Flic360 Photo Example】
Tokyo Sky Tree


【Flic360 Video Example】
Odaiba Rainy Day VR Trip


■Flic360 Video recommended system requirements


*YouTube system requirements*
PC: Google Chrome 40 or later (Google Chrome latest version is recommended)
Internet Explorer 11 or later, Firefox 35 or later, Safari 8 or later
iPhone・iPad: iOS 8 or later (Safari latest version is recommended), Google Chrome
Android: Google Chrome for Android 4.0 or later


*Facebook recommended requirements *
PC: Web browser (Chrome, Firefox etc) latest version. Safari and Internet Explorer do not support this platform.
iPhone・iPad: iPhone 4S or iPad2 or later, For iOS you must use iOS7 or later
Android: Android 4.3 or later

(c.f.) Reference Tokyo Metropolitan Government Press Release


Tokyo Brand Promotion Campaign

Tokyo City has been working on establishing Tokyo as a travel destination. A new campaign named Tokyo Brand Promotion was started in October 2015 in order to support this goal. The campaign aims to promote the Tokyo Brand to people, both within and outside of Japan by using a new logo and the phrase “&TOKYO”.


About &TOKYO

1. The main message is represented in the logo and the phrase &TOKYO.
&TOKYO was inspired by the image of new Tokyo, which never stops evolving with its traditions and innovation. Tokyo is a place where you can create something new and fun by being connected to various people, things and events in the city.


2. &TOKYO has 5 distinguishing features
&TOKYO includes 5 distinguishing features of Tokyo with 5 colors. The features represent the history and diversity of Tokyo with the traditional colors of the city used in the logo.


&TOKYO Offical website :

【For Enquiries】
LIFESTYLE, Inc. VR Department
Chiga Minami Aoyama 3F, 6-7-14 Minami Aoyama,
Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 107-0062